Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old Door Wall Decor

Ok, so I have to tell you the story about this old door. We bought an OLD "1901" house last year. A fixer upper! We have been in heaven! Anyway, one whole wall was covered in cabinets. I hated to take out part of those cabinets but the house is so small, and I needed a place for my piano. Of course I saved everthing:-) I had asked one of my kids to take the doors to the shed. Well this particular door somehow ended up in the chicken coop. ha ha I found it burried in the dirt. Those chickens aged it perfectly :-) Don't worry, I've disinfected it twice, sanded and polyed it. The moral of the story?? Never call someone chicken #*!@~.

Oh, and the door knob came from my awesome little sis in Minnasota.