Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall foliage 2012

My sisters and I took my mom to Cedar Mountain today to see the fall foliage.  It was so beautiful, I have to share.

I had way too much fun taking pix, this post would be way to long if I published them all....but I did put a few more in my "pages" to the right if you'd like to maybe check them out :-)




Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last week while visiting my inlaws, I came across this wonderful old bike.  It was laying in a field ( in Veyo Utah) and I just had to get a picture.  I had one of these bikes as a kid.  My brother painted it all cool and put a brand new sparkly bananna seat on it for me.  Great memories :-)

Long Dresser~~~SOLD

Wow, this dresser is striking!!  I'm totally in love!   You'll have to excuse my pictures.  My short lense is still broken and my house is too small to get a big enough distance for my long you'll just have to piece it together in your minds ha ha.   It's a vintage Lane dresser, probably 70's ish, in immaculate condition.  I was impressed because usually there is somthing I have to fix on older pieces.   I didn't have to do a thing.   It's huge.  It's the exact length of my 13 yr old son Tyson :-)  But I know it weighs a lot more!!  It's a beast.  That's why you'll have to put up with these pix, cause I aint moven it again!!  This is a grey/white color so the distressing really makes it pop.  You want an elegant entry dresser???  This would definately do the job.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Antique Turquoise Accent Table

I Absolutely Love This!!!!!  Imagine this in a bathroom with some fluffy white towels folded up on the bottom shelf.  I wish I could have pictured it that way, but my bathroom is too small and my white towels aren't white ha ha.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wire Burlap Lamp

Me and my fettish with lamps!  Jeepers!  I really can't help it ha ha.  Oh well :-)   I love totally changing their appearance.  I think the reason I forget before pix is because I just get too excited about the project & dive right in.  I remembered this one half way through.  I had already painted it dangit!  I stuck the glass back in for the pic ha ha.  It's mostly wood, which makes a good redo.



I actually had another lamp shade I was going to use but the style of it wasn't quite right after I put the wire in.  I've been wanting to try a burlap shade anyway.  Everything worked out pretty well I think.  Not bad at all!!  =)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Window Cabinet

Wow, whatever happened to the lazy days of summer??!!  We've only been out of school for a week & life is even more crazy now than when school was in!   Anyway, this project is definately one of my new favorites.  I love painting furniture but I also love making stuff to paint :-)  This is meant to be a hanging cabinet, like in a bathroom or wherever.  My sister picked up this window for me last week at a yardsale (thanks Paula).  It has been awhile since I've made anything so I was excited to start this project.   My plan was to put wire in the window, so the window opens like a door... kinda not necessary anymore because I changed my mind about the wire ha ha. I liked it better without.   Oh well.   There are 2 shelves which I didn't paint, I loved the contrast.

So this is what I started with, a section of old fence I dug out of the neighbors dumpster and a window (with a mirror) from a yardsale.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old Door Wall Decor

Ok, so I have to tell you the story about this old door. We bought an OLD "1901" house last year. A fixer upper! We have been in heaven! Anyway, one whole wall was covered in cabinets. I hated to take out part of those cabinets but the house is so small, and I needed a place for my piano. Of course I saved everthing:-) I had asked one of my kids to take the doors to the shed. Well this particular door somehow ended up in the chicken coop. ha ha I found it burried in the dirt. Those chickens aged it perfectly :-) Don't worry, I've disinfected it twice, sanded and polyed it. The moral of the story?? Never call someone chicken #*!@~.

Oh, and the door knob came from my awesome little sis in Minnasota.