Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Long Dresser~~~SOLD

Wow, this dresser is striking!!  I'm totally in love!   You'll have to excuse my pictures.  My short lense is still broken and my house is too small to get a big enough distance for my long you'll just have to piece it together in your minds ha ha.   It's a vintage Lane dresser, probably 70's ish, in immaculate condition.  I was impressed because usually there is somthing I have to fix on older pieces.   I didn't have to do a thing.   It's huge.  It's the exact length of my 13 yr old son Tyson :-)  But I know it weighs a lot more!!  It's a beast.  That's why you'll have to put up with these pix, cause I aint moven it again!!  This is a grey/white color so the distressing really makes it pop.  You want an elegant entry dresser???  This would definately do the job.

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