Friday, June 15, 2012

Window Cabinet

Wow, whatever happened to the lazy days of summer??!!  We've only been out of school for a week & life is even more crazy now than when school was in!   Anyway, this project is definately one of my new favorites.  I love painting furniture but I also love making stuff to paint :-)  This is meant to be a hanging cabinet, like in a bathroom or wherever.  My sister picked up this window for me last week at a yardsale (thanks Paula).  It has been awhile since I've made anything so I was excited to start this project.   My plan was to put wire in the window, so the window opens like a door... kinda not necessary anymore because I changed my mind about the wire ha ha. I liked it better without.   Oh well.   There are 2 shelves which I didn't paint, I loved the contrast.

So this is what I started with, a section of old fence I dug out of the neighbors dumpster and a window (with a mirror) from a yardsale.



cade+sierra+averlin said...

LOVE this!! You are so creative! {Oh, and this has been "pinned" I couldnt help myself! :) }

Jill said...

Wouldn't this look like something out of a magazine a hangin on the fence by my blue door!

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