Monday, January 19, 2015


I found this dresser in Vegas, my daughter had a basketball tournament there a couple of weeks ago and we had some time to kill between games, so why not find some yard sales!!  I had to talk pretty hard though because yardsaleing is not my husbands favorite thing to do ha ha.

This was a project fail!! Majorly!!  I had something else in mind for how I wanted the finish on this but sometimes things don't go as planned...isn't that kinda how life goes too?

So I started out with a very light coat each, speratically, of white and cream paint.  

Then I went over the whole piece with a dark stain.  I was hoping it look awesome and that the 2 colors would take the stain differently, but it ended up looking like some kids were let loose with paint.  It was not pretty!!  What to do??  After you've gone to that much work, it's pretty discouraging. I thought maybe sanding the snot out of it would help but it didn't.  My husband liked it :) he was just trying to be nice...but I've been doing this long enough that I new it wouldn't sell like that.  

Well... I like layers! In fact I love layers!  I can't seem to paint a piece just one color anyway!!  I took the white paint and made it into chalk paint(yes you can do that) there are recipes online.  Then I went over the dresser with it making sure the dark grey stain still showed through. 

It worked out beautifully!!  Whew!!

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