Monday, January 5, 2015

Lamp redo

Happy new year!!! Hope everything is well with ya'll.   New year, new times right!  I'm ready to try something a little different on my blog.  I like reading how other people fix, redo, recycle... So I figured I'd try that.  I'm not the best writer though so bare with me.

If you've been following me for awhile you know my fetish for lamps. I just can't help it!!  Isn't this one lovely?  I picked her up at a yard sale for $2.  "Ado's price!"  Ado is my awesome neighbor who loves to garage sale as much as I do.  I love going with him to the sales in Vegas because he's a garage sale maniac!! Anyway, he has a way of talking people down to "Ado's price."...if it's not "Ado's price" we move on.  Ado sometimes just shakes his head when he see's what I buy.  He just can't see the potential ha ha

I'll show him!!

Ok, first I needed to take it completely apart.  If you are going to try something like this be pretty sure about it because to get it apart like this you have to clip the wires. No more light!! 

Don't you just love the seventies glass??

Time for some dark spray paint because the brassy color really dates it.  Also I want to distress it and the dark looks much better than brass showing through.  I like krylon spray from Walmart. I use this often for undercoating.

It's ready for paint! This is just the first coat.   This lamp is both metal and wood.  If I were to distress this with sand paper, the paper would scratch all the way through to the brassy metal.  Not what I want  to happen.  A wet rag instead works like a charm because the spay paint doesn't wipe off. The white paint will wipe of very easily.

 Now I've got to decide if I'm going to leave the base and top dark or paint them too. Decisions, decisions!! Stay tuned for the finished product!

Ok, the painting and distressing is now finished!  Now how to put it back together!!  That's where my husband comes in :) I was just going to put the long pole back in which held it together as a lamp but then you'd have an ugly pole down the middle. His ideas is much better :)  they make these screw end is a screw(which will go into the wood) the other end can have a bolt (which goes through a hole we drilled in the metal...then tightens down.  Hope that made sense.

It looks like this.

There is no way I was putting the glass back in :) I'm going the shabby way and replacing it with wire.  Just used the glass as a template.

All finished!!!  It made an awesome lantern:)

I just want to show you a comparison to the lantern I bought probably 7 years ago from tai pan for 50 bucks!  I thought it was large ha ha...this one is majestic!!  I love it!

This will be available for purchase in our upcoming "occasional sale".  Stay tuned for details! Thanks!!

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